Five Card Story: A day in the Life of a Cockroach

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One fine afternoon I decided to attend the local car show. It was so crowded! I almost got stepped on like a million times. By evening when the cruise night started I thought I would never survive. As the evening grew dark and the crowds started to dissipate I realized there was a major hubbub going on in one of the local hotels. Waltzing through a crack in the front door I noticed a table full of party favors. It must be a wedding! That meant cake! Wondering from table to table I finally found the jackpot! The children's table. There were always crumbs at the children's table. Alongside the various toys were the crumbs I had been anticipating. While I was scavenging pieces of cake the bride came over to say hello. She screamed when she noticed me. I quickly jumped into her bouquet and hid. So assumed I had ran under the table. As she stood up she caught sight and tossed her beautiful flowers, along with me. As one of the single ladies caught the bouquet they caught sight of me and tossed it again. And so the tail goes until finally one of the groomsmen caught the bouquet and knocked me out of it. I quickly dodged his foot as he continued to stomp and stomp. While trying to catch my breath I ran out of the reception hall and clear to town.

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