Five Card Story: The Journy Home

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One cold, dark evening, a man and his wife were embraced by the warmth of a blazing fire. This was the last nigh of their vacation getaway in Japan. They were reminiscing about the adventures they had embarked upon while visiting Japan. While gazing into the fire, they saw a spirit dancing in the flames. The spirit agreed they experienced a lot that Japan had to offer, but there vacation would not be complete without visiting the lost temple of Hōmupēji the spirit of fire told them this would be a three day journey, and if they were interested to get there things together and come back to the fire in the morning for directions.
The couple was exhausted from their previous adventures, but they decided that this was a once and a life time opportunity. How often does the spirit of fire talk to you? So they packed for a three day journey and headed back to the fire. The spirit was waiting for them, The told them how to make a torch, then told them to touch it to the fire. This transferred the spirit from the fire pit to the touch. The spirit explained they couple would not be alone he would be their guide to the temple. He told them not to worry about light or warmth because he enchanted the torch with the ability to create eternal light and warmth as well as the ability to conger what they need. They just had to believe that the torch could provide for them. With their guide the couple was on their way.
The first place the spirit led them was a beautiful mountain range, it was vibrant and full of life. So the couple started their assent on the mountain. The further and further the climbed the colder, dimmer, and bleaker the scenery became. After roaming across snowy, dim mountain tops the couple started questioning if they would ever find where they were going. They were getting cold, tired, and the dim was getting darker.
The couple asked the spirit if they were on the right track. The spirit told the couple that the answer that they were seeking was dependent on them, and their outlook on the journey. He told them until they truly believed that the torch would provided all they needed they would be stuck on the mountain.
So the couple stopped wondering aimlessly, and tried to believe that a small torch would provide everything they needed to survive and continue on their quest. While holding to this belief the couple felt warmth. This warmth made them sleepy, and before they knew it they were asleep.
The next morning they awoke to a strange seen. The mountains had melted away into a forest of giant raspberries. The couple was sure they were dead; they could not believe what they were seeing. Then they heard a familiar voice, it was the fire spirit in the torch. He told them not to be afraid they were on the right track. He told them they needed to head due north and they would come to a waterfall they would need to pass through; from there the temple was near.
So the couple looked up, they sky was dark and the stars were still out. The couple found the North Star and started heading south. They walked for what seemed like an eternity. The scenery was exactly the same. Once the stars hid themselves from view for the day; the couple could no longer be sure they were going only south. The couple decided to stop walking to conserve there energy. They would only travel at night when they could be sure they were heading in the right direction. So they enjoyed a snack out of the raspberry forest while they waited.
When the stars came out the couple found the North Star again and again was on their way. They walked until they came to a frozen waterfall. They didn’t know what they were going to do to get to the other side. Then the wife remembered the torch said they would have warmth if they believed. Since warmth would melt the waterfall; she told her husband to focus on the torch providing warmth. Slowly but surely the torch melted a hole in the waterfall so the couple could pass.
Once on the other side the couple stated walking across a strange terrain; it reminded them of a leather coach. After the raspberry forest they though nothing would surprise them. All of a sudden a huge flying beast dove down to grasp them in his claws. The couple ran and dove out of the beast claws. The husband thought fast; the spirit told them that they could conger anything they needed; if they only believed. “What can defeat a huge flying beast,” though the man. Just then a huge T-Rex ran to attack the flying best, but he wasn’t running fast enough. So the man focused on a pink convertible to make the T-Rex faster. Before their very eyes a pink Cadillac appeared. The T-Rex ran over the flying beast and the couple sneaked by while the dinosaurs were not focusing on them.
The couple was in awe, for they saw the entrance to the temple. They didn’t know which emotion to feel first. Should they feel disbelief for what they had gone through to get there, horror of what might lay ahead, or relief that the torch was telling the truth? All of a sudden an overpowering aroma of pizza filled the air. The couple could not help but walk toward it. They saw an opening in the cave that looked like an oven with a pizza inside, but there was no fire. The torch told them to insert him in the opening. They did as they were instructed, and a table appeared with two chairs. So the exhausted couple sat down.
After what seemed like seconds, but was really twenty minutes, a man appeared with a pizza in his hands. Another chair appeared and the man sat down. Without a word the man served the couple the pizza. After they were done eating they husband asked the man who he was. The man said don’t you recognize me I have accompanied you along this entire journey and provided you with all you needed. He told the couple he had some great news for them. He told them his name was Jesus and they found their way home.

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