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"Hannah, that is the most asinine idea I've ever heard."

I loved her to death, but sometimes she came up with the most hair-brained ideas. Of course, she recited her line about guy who lives in glass house not throwing stones. She says I'm just as guilty when it comes to stupid ideas, but I don't see it. She tells me to give it a break, that my lectures are getting old and tired. As old as Dr. Smith, she says, and more tired than her wardrobe. Dr. Smith is our english professor, the one who hasn't read a book published this century. I laugh, but I still think she has dumb ideas.

Evidence: HANNAH'S hot PIES. This was Hannah's much ballyhooed entry into the San Francisco pie market. She had the idea for years, thought that the Bay area was ready for hot meat pies. I told her that pies should be sweet and made with fruit... and they were always hot, no need to include that in the name. But her favorite movie was Sweeney Todd, and she insisted on making meat pies. Two defaulted small business loans later, she admitted it wouldn't work and opened a cake shop.

Evidence: Knockoff Smart Car. Hannah is so green...she just had to have a smart car. I told her that a smart car was the dumbest car I'd ever seen. It looked more like a smart cart.. golf cart, go cart, you pick. It looked like a death trap. She insisted and I got dragged along for the test drive. She loved the gas mileage, loved the colors, loved the handling but decided it wasn't her. Too corporate, she decided. She had to find one that was vintage. Green and vintage, the perfect car. So she bought a knockoff smart car... some little European yugo-esque job. I told her it would last two years tops.
It lasted one. We have a growing collection of parts that have fallen off of it. She thinks it could make a great art installation... such a dumb idea.

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