Five Card Story: My First Car

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So I'd been bothering my parents to buy me a car from the minute I turned 16. They didn't make any promises, but when my dad picked me up early from school one day, I knew exactly where we were heading. After looking at several cars in the used lot, I was horrified when my father stopped at a little blue boot-looking thing with wheels. "This is it!" He almost squealed in a voice that didn't sound like my father's. I rolled my eyes and got behind the wheel, after cracking both knees on the door frame trying to get in. I thought of how pathetic I'd seem to my friends at work when I rolled...or sputtered up to Hannah's Pies. I think my car could fit in our double oven there. I then thought of the stir I'd create in on a college campus someday. I might as well move into the library with the level of Nerd-dom that will precede me and my blue bucket of junk as we drive across campus. I then had a flash forward to post-university life...and it was a sad one. There I was, in giant framed glasses (which I probably had to get because my eye sight was distorted from peering through that tiny windshield for so long) giving a lecture on the importance of buying your youngest child a giant heap of rust as their first vehicle. "Well?" Dad's question snapped me back to reality. "Maybe I'll just keep riding my bike for a while and save up some money of my own?" I pondered aloud. The next morning my best friend Lori came to pick me up for school. She would be driving the new car her parents bought her last night. As I walked down our gravel driveway to meet her at the road, I couldn't help but wonder what they had bought her and feel a little jealous. I heard a rumbling noise as I got closer to the road...and about died laughing when Lori pulled up in that blue boot that Dad had tried talking me in to yesterday.

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flickr photo credits: (1) ARckls (2) cogdogblog (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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