Five Card Story: Hippie for a Day

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One night, JoAnne and I were walking through our small town looking for something to do. Unbeknownst to us there was a Hippie convention in town. As we wondered through the park there were tons of old junk cars. None stood out more than a little piece of blue heaven. It was not like the rest of them. It almost spoke to JoAnne and I. The keys were in the ignition, all of the hippies were far out in a field. We had to take it for a whirl.

After putting the cute little car in neutral, we slowly and ever so quietly pushed it out of the park. Our breath was shallow and our hearts pounded at the thought of getting caught.

Once out of sight we hopped in and drove to our favorite hangout, Hannah's Pies. Oh it was oh so delicious. A pie had never tasted so good. Just another piece of heaven to go with the perfect car.

Once out of Hannah's Pies we noticed a police officer. We were panic stricken. What were we going to do? He walked up to us and asked us for our license and registrations. Since we were only 14 neither of us had a clue what he was talking about.

He took us in to the police station. They threw the book at us. We were hit with every possible crime. Stolen property, driving without a license, eating pie. (Ok eating pie wasn't illegal, but it sure felt like it now.) We were standing in front of the judge. Waiting, waiting, waiting, to hear what our sentence was going to be.


She made us push that beautiful car down every gravel road. She did not want to get it dirty on the way back to the Hippies. (The Hippies had moved on to the next town.) We were to return in by backroads, and had to make sure not a speck of dirt got on it.

Needless to say, after that adventure we never "borrowed" a car again.

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