Five Card Story: Changes

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This event, will be left etched in my mind forever, never to be forgotten, from how i was before, to how i am now..
"Mommy!! I want to get the lollipop that man is selling across the street!" Mark yelled to his mom in a rude tone. "No mark, you just recovered from cough, next time ok?" Mom replied. "No no no! I want it now!" He whined. Passers-by who saw this conversation was flabbergasted, "How rude!" were how they reacted.
In a moment of anger, Mark walked away by himself to get the lollipop, but he was only 4, how could he leave his mom on his own? The dangers of the city.. Which Mark was to young to understand.
"hmph! Im better off myself!" He thought to himself. Just as he was enjoying the breeze alone, "Keep quiet or your life is in danger" A husky & sinister voice said, and with that, i got dizzy & drowsy, my eyes can't seem to open, i was really tired, and within a second, everything blacked out, i fainted.
I saw a glimpse of light, i woke up. "Where am i?" I thought to myself, i panicked as i remembered what last happened before i passed out, i gasped in horror, i was shocked, i was kidnapped. I heard footsteps.. "Amputate him!" "Blind him!" I heard a few voices from outside the room, i assumed that they were my kidnappers, i cried after hearing what gruesome things they were going to do to me. "Stay strong!" i told myself. In the mist of my thinking, the door opened, a big & burly man came in. He dragged me out, only to reveal me to some other kids. All whom were looking sad and somehow .. empty. I presumed they were kidnapped too.. Not long after, he who kidnapped me, gave me instructions, he instructed me to beg for money on the streets." "Never! I wanna go home!" I screamed and defied. I made a wrong move, this gave me a beating. These men were scary. They were pure evil. I hadno choice but to obey.. (to be continued)

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flickr photo credits: (1) directrix291 (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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