Five Card Story: Robbery

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Daylight was ebbing fast,the lamps were flickering into life. This was Jane's and John's favourite time of the day to be out,when the shadowy streets became mysterious, even magical. You never knew what might happen.Jane is a beautiful ,attractive and willowy lass and John is a suave,charming and elegant lad.They ran into a cosy,airy edifice that sell the latest phones and laptops.

Jane whispered gently,"Do you want to attempt something fun?"

John said gleefully,"okay.Jane,I go get the guns,masks and black bag while you continue waiting here and make sure that nobody suspect that we are going to rob this grand building."

After a few minutes,John found those things that they used to rob the other buildings and banks and went back to the grand building to find Jane.

"Wear this mask and have this gun.Lets enter the building."John whispered while they were at the dark alley preparing to enter the edifice.

After they went in,they saw a revolting cleaner with wrinkles all over her face holding on to a cup of untouched and disgusting wine staring at them.

Jane whispered,"Never make a sound if you do, you will be kill.Bring us to your manager right now.Do not try anything funny."

After the cleaner brought them to her manager office,John shouted in a demanding manner,"Put all your latest mobile phones and laptops into this black bag and tell all your workers to stop whatever that they are doing and put all their valuables into this bag.Do not make me shoot and if I found out any of your worker call the police, you will be dead!"

"Place all your valuables into this bag and put your hands above your head."The manager told his workers.

The manager's eyes widened when he saw stacks of cold hard cash filling up the black dull bag.After the workers placed all their valuables,Jane and John grabbed the loot and made a dash for the back exits before the police arrived at the scene.The manager ran into his office and punched the number'999'.

Within seconds,the deafening siren of the police car could be heard and the police arrived at the scene.Many policeman clad in smart uniforms got down the car.They quickly got into action and detained the suspects.The police cordoned off the area so that nobody could enter the scene.The guns,masks and black dull bag with a lot if valuables were seized from them.Jane and John were caught red-handed and brought to the police station for further interrogation.

Two weeks later,the incident was reported on the television.Jane and John were charged in court and sentenced to jail for their crime. Many people were glad that justice was done and they were imprisoned after they robbed so many banks and grand buildings.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) krutscjo (5) bionicteaching

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