Five Card Story: A man called Statue

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There once was a man who thought he was a statue. He lived in a large city where he could find many other statues; or as he called them: his silver brothers.
He had once been a young boy, the same as any other. He came from a wealthy family but his family was displeased with him. He wanted to be an artist but his family wanted him to take the family business. As he got older, he became more rebellious against his parents and pursued his career as an artist. His parents decided to take drastic measures and hypnotized him in order to ensure he forgot about the arts.
However, something went horribly wrong! The boy had been so set on disobeying his parents and becoming an artist that it filled his mind and the plan backfired on his parents. When the boy woke from his trance, he thought he was art, he thought he was a statue!
From that day forward, he believed he was a statue. He paused next to every famous statue in the world- believing that he was the statues long lost son. Soon, he became so filthy that he became gray himself and his parents lost track of him in an art convention in San Diego.
To this day, he can still be seen, posing next to statues all around the world, living the life of a statue... that includes the dogs using him as a hydrant and birds using him as a nest.

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flickr photo credits: (1) DavidDMuir (2) krutscjo (3) bionicteaching (4) cogdogblog (5) bionicteaching

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