Five Card Story: The Adventures of Bob the Beetle

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One day Bob the Beetle was chilling at his house bored out of his little bug brain. He decided it was time for a rad adventure so he called up his friend Rob the T-Rex and said "Hey, let's do something."
Rob said "Ok, sure dude, I'll be over in 5."
Rob arrives at Bob's house and Bob is all like "WTF dude, why is your car pink?"
And Rob says "Mine's in the garage, had to borrow Becky's."
Then Bob says "Ok, whatever. Let's roll out."

Soooo they drive and drive and drive and drive and then run out of gas so they stop to get more and then drive some more. Eventually, they make it to Bumbly Beach and park their hot pink ride along the shore. As they walk to the water, they pass by three feisty felines practicing their sweet wrestling moves for next week's WWE Smackdowns.
Rob sees them and goes "Hey Bob, let's go join those cougars."
"Sure!" says Bob. And they approach the kitties.
"Sup hommie B?" says Jennifer K-Pez.
"Nothing much" says Bob. "Can we join?"
"I'd say sure, but you're kinda puny and get crushed. Maybe you should go wrestle with Marcel the Shell instead!"
"Buuuuuuurn" says Miley.
"In yo face!" screams Reg.
"Ok fine, we'll go wrestle with that statute over there instead!" says Rob.
So they meander over to the statue man and challenge him to a duel.
The statue man responds, in an oddly deep and haunting voice, "Lunch does not often ask to duel."
Bob replies: "Well fine then, you're cold as steel, and I will not be your meal! You're hollow, ya dipshit!"
"I am not! I am sleek and black and wise! Who goes around talking to steel? I shall be your demise! Come over here and hop into my beak!"
Bob says, "WTF? Who are you then? Let's dine!"
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore... I mean, never mind."

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) lesliemb (5) bgblogging

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