Five Card Story: MacDonald's Tragedy

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There was a fat man, Y-Man, who loved eating at MacDonald’s.

He had a yellow bird that he loved so much that he always wore yellow shirt, yellow tie, and a yellow hat to go to work every day.

One day Y-Man’s boss wanted him to go overseas to makes sales of his company’s fans. If he succeeded in selling ALL of the fans that were sitting in the storage, he would become the new manager for the company and the company would pay for ALL of his future bills at MacDonald’s until he is dead. Knowing that he would get to eat at his favorite restaurant for free and for the rest of his life, Y-Man of course happily accepted the job and he immediately packed up his luggage’s and headed for the airport. Y-Man was so thrilled that he left his apartment without taking his beloved yellow bird to the animals’ hotel for proper care during his absence. While on his business trip the poor little yellow bird died of starvation.
Upon returning home, Y-Man opened his apartment door with glee and a sense of victory. YET, as he walked in, he smelled an unbearable stench of rotten corpse. He suddenly thought of his cute little yellow bird. But it was too late. He had completely forgotten about it while dreaming about the prospect of a life-long MacDonald’s deal.
Y-Man was so regretful for his carelessness that the poor little yellow bird had to pay the price for it. He paused there in the room without knowing what to do. All he had at that moment was the only fan that he kept for himself after the successful business trip. Suddenly, he burst into tears and thunderous cry and just as he was about to throw the fan onto the floor, the fan squealed, “DON’T THROW ME ON THE FLOOR, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Y-Man’s jaw dropped to the floor and froze there just like a sculpture. The fan spoke...

to be continued...

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flickr photo credits: (1) laceface18 (2) aforgrave (3) Nawaz.Gafar (4) kpyrtle (5) eeenisa

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