Five Card Story: The Mischief of Cats

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Jeffrey, the lion, and Joseph, the cat, wanted to hang out with each other but they are separated due to the fact that one of them belongs to the wild and the other one lives in an urban environment. So they communicated through their roars and meows that they both can understand and not the humans; they wanted to hang out in a park.

While Jeffrey and Joseph were playing with each other, they encountered some kids playing in the big "castle" that intrigued their eyes. So they crawled behind the trees ready to pounce. Then they jumped with a "roar" and "meow" and scared the kids away and forgetting their shoes. So the cats decided to play on the "castle" but due to their claws in their paws, they popped the castle and collapsed to Jeffrey and Joseph's body.

Jeffrey and Joseph climbed out of the castle with no feeling of fun inside them but only being fearful to kids. But as soon as they climbed out the big balloon castle, they see this mean looking kitty sitting on a pillow. The kitty glared at the two intruding cats and says, "You two had scared all my friends away! Now you guys are going to pay." Jeffrey and Joseph looked at each other and laughed, and started to feel woozy. The kitty kept glaring at them and then, POOF! Jeffrey and Joseph awoke from their coma and see themselves being layered by bread and held by a human's hand. They both screamed, "NOOOO!"

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) spacedlawyer (3) bionicteaching (4) wonderbadger (5) bionicteaching

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