Five Card Story: The Time Machine

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A boy by the name of Mantiado was from Italy, Sicily and was an orphan by the age of twelve. Both of his parents were killed when a riot broke out. Montiado was raised as a survivalist and rarely encountered with anyone. He viewed his parents death as a message from God saying that he is unworthy to be in his prescense. This cause Mantiado to go into a meek lifestyle.
On Febuary 1st in 1433, a young soldier was one of many who was responsable for guarding a fort like no other. The soldier's name was Montiado. One day while guarding the Kings room, the fort was being attacked. Mantiado was frightnede and went to the king. He directed the king to the cellar which led out of the fort, but the king would not go. The king told Mantiado he could never abandon what e wokred so hard to build. The King told Mantiado that in the cellar, there was a room with a treasure that was passed down by the Gods and it will take you places like no other. Mantiado began asking every question possible, the king said you m ay do as you please but you will experience a pain lke no other. Mantiado concluded that his life would not get any better anytime soon and asked how he could find this place. The king handed Mantiado a golden key and said follow the tunnel, it is door made from turquoise and the treasure lies within. Before Mantiado could thank the king, a connon bursted through the wall and struck the king. mantiado raced into the cellar and found the door.
Mantiado had never seen anything of such beauty. Teh door was a work of art. He placed the key into the lock and he gazed upon the treasure. It was a box-like device made of metal and diamond. Mantiado went into the figure and put the key into the second lock. This event would change his life forevor.
He feinted and arrived into a building in what he thought, another universe. Montiado exited the machine and saw a man wearing strange clothes. He approached the man and Mantiado asked wgere he was. The man responded with joy. The man said he had time traveled. Mantiado being uneducated did not understand what that ment. The man expalined how he sent the machine to the king and he will be waiting for him in the future. Mantiado was amazed with how such an event could ever happen. While cheering with excitement, there was a knock at the door. The man quickly rushed Mantiado into the Time Machine. He was again heading in the future.
Mantiado woke again to a strange world. He awoke in a metal building. Mantiado knew that the time changed again, he saw a note inside the time machine. It listed an adress assuming it was written from the man. Mantiado was asked a bystander where it was and told him if he were to walk down this road for a mile he would arrive at his destination. Mantiado listened to the helpful bystander and soon arrived at his destination. Mantiado saw a small ocean and a building beside it. He eneterd the building and found supplies as far as the eye could see. On the table was a hologram of the man. It read I am responsable for this incedent, I am albert Einstein and I successfully built a time machine. No one can no about this because it will disrupt the normal life patterns Mantiadoquickly realized the pain that the King reffered to. Mantiado had made history and could not share it with anyone ever. His life remained a misterey with so many questions but he was inable to dicuss it with anyone. He could never be the same.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) dwtno (5) bionicteaching

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