Five Card Story: Universal computer hacker group \"Anonymous\" announced on the 16th

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International computer hacker group "Anonymous" announced on the 16th heyday, allowing for regarding the rack of North Korea to at the "Bronze knick-knacks Holy day", five North Korean hearsay website that promotes the censure and caused the paralysis.
"Anonymous", "Sun Festival" of the most recent North Korean President Kim Il Sung, the 101 anniversary of the birth of this band on the 15th daytime attack five North Korean sites, including North Korea on the Korean website that promotes national congruity network "(also translated" We between nations "), English scoop website" public concentric "and" Baekdu - Halla mountain Network. "
An "Anonymous" members of the Korean branch earlier in the micro-blog install "Twitter" despatch, said the hour of the break up of the Korean network method nearly.
"Anonymous" earlier this month claimed that "defeated" a tons of North Korean sites, to dissent against North Korea is worrisome to generate atomic weapons.
South Korea, "Inside Diurnal" reported that members of the "Anonymous" claimed that the foray of "nationalistic consensus network," and unabashedly take 15,000 members. To jurist from the e-mail speech, of which up 2000 members from Korea.
South Korean perception agency Civil Intelligence initiate an investigation to back up that the owners of these accounts is a violation of the law prohibited from agreeable in pro-DPRK activities. South Korean media reports, some of the e-mail does not prevail, the owner of some of the e-mail said they do not skilled in that he is a colleague of the "national continuity network".

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