Five Card Story: The Day the Door Opens

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a Five Card Flickr story by Georgia Atlantas created Aug 20 2013, 03:01:53 pm. Create a new one!

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A lucky cone-flower was dripping in dew. It knew its time was almost over, because dew is how flowers cry. This particular flower had been crying for some time, because a little boy called Dean Randall, was out to get her, and the door would not open. The door was what this flower lived for.
Meanwhile, two goldfish, Shimmer and Glow, were swimming in a fishbowl that faced the mountains and ocean quite temptingly, but the fish knew that they were just goldfish and obviously were not strong enough to bust out of their tiny bowl and into the wide world in front of them. Unless the door opened.
While that was going on, the Door with the Seashell handle waited and waited for her master, a little boy by the name of Dean Randall was skipping stones in a pond when he suddenly remembered that this world's future was entirely in his hands. So he fished the stone out of the pond and unlocked the Door with the Seashell handle. The door creaked in a voice you'd expect an old door to have, "It is about time you used your Rock Key to unlock me. The world is waiting." Dean knew that this door spoke once in a millenium and only to its master, so his eyes widened and he bowed low to the door. But, of course, it was silent. Dean also knew that he must go to get his fish, take the flower to see that the door was open, and basically save the world in three minutes. So he laced up his sneakers (special Nike ones that he'd gotten as a present for his latest birthday), and watched as his two goldfish, Shimmer and Glow, busted out of their bowl and plopped, one by one, into the calm sea below. He then picked the protesting flower, who did not know that in order to see the door, she needed to be picked and the boy was not trying to harm her, and showed her the Door with the Seashell handle. He planted her in front of it so she might grow a garden and make the Door even more of a beauty. But one more thing Dean knew was that he was the last master of the Door, and that he had saved the world for good. His hands shook as he pried the seashell handle off the Door and planted it with nimble fingers underneath the flower. He sat back on the pleasant, earthy-smelling ground and waited for the garden to grow.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) katerha (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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