Five Card Story: The Icy Road Not Taken

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a Five Card Flickr story by Georgia Atlantas created Aug 20 2013, 02:36:50 pm. Create a new one!

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Karma was bundled into all her warmest winter things, as she and her family bumbled along on the iciest road she'd seen in her thirteen years of being on roads. Roads were special things to her, as precious as a single pair of glasses lying on a table, forgotten, but when you put them on, BOOM, the world was crystal clear. The roads were NOT all the same. They all had special markings to tell them apart.
Karma was getting incredibly sleepy on this particular road, though normally she'd be wide awake and itching to continue the journey. Now her thoughts drifted to her best friend Betsy Leanerd, who had red high-tops, kept beautiful murals of dragons painted on her bedroom walls, and was an incredible artist herself. Betsy's mother had a tablet on which she kept color wheels, inspirations, and all her paintings for her job. She was a painter, and when she streaked a paintbrush across a paper, "feelings explode from my fingertips and crawl through the paintbrush and onto the page," as she described it. To Karma, it was as if she was suddenly in the setting of which Mrs. Leanerd was painting, or if it was a mere streak, she dreamed up a setting herself. A streak of red was an angry sunset, orange a vibrant goldfish, yellow the sun, green minty forests, and blue the deepest, most mysterious depths of the ocean by far.
And then, she saw it. This figure standing on the edge of the road interrupted Karma's daydream, and it was as if the fragile poles that had been holding it up had fallen, and all the pieces had exploded in her brain, creating vibes of color just like Mrs. Leanerd's paintings. For she remembered this girl standing on the side of the road, hands outstretched to any passersby for food or a coin. It was Karma, Karma in her earlier years, and there was a man by her side. Karma's father, who had been gone for ten years. Karma jumped out of the car and ran to the girl. The father and the girl, though, were time-travelers and didn't see her. But Karma followed them all the same, following them all throughout her life, until the father died and the girl grew up, until she merged into thirteen-year-old Karma once again, and, once again, it was just Karma alone on the icy road.

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