Five Card Story: The Big Fish

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A man named Norm All needed to find a job something that he was good, something that he enjoyed doing. He went job hunting but nothing appealed to him except one. There was a job were they needed someone to take pictures for the news paper. He tried for the job thinking that he might as well because... we'll you never know. Him and his son went fishing and his son caught an enormous fish that he was going to take a picture of but it started moving and the boy jumped and dropped the fish in the water. Before he could retrieve it in the fishing net a flock of birds came and took it.

He watched as his fish got taken away to never return. As the flock of birds taking it away landed they happened to belong to old women that lived in a fishing shack down at the other end of the lake. She was a heartless cruel women because she had no family to turn to because non of them wanted to be around her and had nowhere nice to live because she couldn't pay for a house. She saw how happy the boy and his father were so she felt like it was unfair so she took it away from her with her well trained birds.

There was a snake who couldn't feel anything but greed so he came from a bush scaring the women and her birds stealing the fish and hiding it. He didn't even want it he just wanted it for the sake of having things. He took it to hole he was living in to hide it but it didn't fit in the whole it was to big. As all this was happening though a homeless medium sized border calli(dog) watched as all this happened in such a short period of time. It snuck up to the snake took the fish while his back was turned and ran.

The little boy was devastated that his fish was gone so his father tried all he could to make him feel any better. When the dog showed up with his fished the boy cheered and jumped up out of the boat grabbed the fish and hugged the dog. Even though the fish was a bit beat up and had dog bite marks on it he was happy. So the boys father took a picture of the boy with the fish and of course the dog.

After all that the boy got an amazing catch, his father got the job for taking some amazing pictures and the dog got a home and it all was great. Except for the women got angrier the snake got greedier and the birds separated so non of the birds had any of each other's back. besides that they were happy.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) keepps (4) bionicteaching (5) wonderbadger

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