Five Card Story: Mittens the musical kitten

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One day a kitten named Mittens was travelling with his family to Las Vegas and they decided to bring a ukulele with them. When they left their city called Minot on a big plane it ended up being delayed by 2 full hours!! Mittens was stuck in the belly of the plane for quite a while. Upon their arrival they went to their hotel named New York New York.
What Mittens family didn’t know was that he was a musical marvel. One day when his family was out he went down to Freemont Street with the ukulele. Once he got there he took out the ukulele and started to play a couple of tunes. Within minutes he had made 200 $. He was becoming famous. After about two hours he had made 500 000 $
Once he had finished he had made a total of 500 156.56 $. Then there was a candle lighting ceremony on Freemont Street. Mittens decided to stay and watch. It was beautiful and Mittens had fun chasing the lights but whenever he caught one it hurt because they were hot. The ceremony ended with fireworks and cannons being shot.
His family saw he fireworks and went to Freemont Street. They found Mittens there and were surprised, happy and yet frustrated with mittens for running off. They were happy to see him but were scared before because they couldn't find him. They picked Mittens up but Mittens didn’t want to get picked up so he swiped his paw at them.
With the money he had made mittens decided to do something nice. He went all over America playing the ukulele for little children. His favourite was when he went back to Las Vegas. Everybody remembered him and whenever he walked by people would come and scratch his head (which was his favourite place to get scratched). That is the story of Mittens the musical kitten

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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