Five Card Story: The Candy turtle

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The Candy turtle
Today was exhausting; I had a lot of work to do today at school. Luckily, I finished all my work before school was done. I walked off my bus lazily. I opened the creaky front door to my boring house. “Lily! We’re going to the candy store today!” My mom called from the kitchen. Yes. My mood lightened immediately. The candy store was my favorite place to go in the entire world! This was going to be awesome! I shrugged my bright green school bag off my shoulders. I quickly ran up to mom and hugged her happily. “I am so exited!” I rejoiced jumping up and down.
The car ride was quick because we lived like right beside the candy store. “What’s the occasion?” I asked confused. “Your birthday of course!” mom exclaimed. “Oh! Oh right” I said remembering. I completely forgot. How could I forget about my birthday? I don’t know? But it’s not like it matters. As long as I know now. We pulled up at the Candy Store. I got out of the car and ran right up to the glass examining the gum section. On the glass of the door wrote Dolch Uder. Mom said that that was the guy’s name who owned the store. I walked in gazing around the room.
After I picked out my huge colourful bag of Skittles. I started to leave, but then I saw a huge bright blue and pink candy turtle in the corner of the room. “Mom! Mom can I please have that turtle!?” I asked jumping up and down feeling like a little girl. “Umm… ok, sure!” mom said smiling. I smiled happily. I love turtles and I love the colour green. Turtles are obviously my favorite animal. We bought the turtle then left quietly. This is the best Birthday I had so far.
When we got home I sat down in the living room exhausted. I didn’t want to eat all of my candy at once so I decided to have an orange. I bit into the juicy tangy orange the flavor was so good. My mom looked at me surprised. “Where is dad?” I asked ignoring her astonished facial expression. “Getting your birthday present” mom said grinning. “But-“I started. “I’m home!” Dad called from the door way.
I ran to go help him lift this huge box into the living room. I noticed it was already sunset. The sky was looking pinkish, blueish. My favorite combination of colours! My favorite colour is green. My arms started to tire as I helped dad lift this mysterious box onto the table. “What’s inside?” I asked curiously. But I didn’t wait for an answer. I ripped the box open peering inside the box. A large glass fish tank was inside. “What’s this?” I asked stunned. “Your turtle’s tank” dad said grinning. “What turtle?” I asked. “This turtle” dad said holding up a big plastic bag with a small green turtle inside.

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