Five Card Story: wait Yellowknife

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One day when I was waiting for my plane in Toronto, I was flying to Yukon, North West Territories I have never been there before so as always I started dreaming about what it would look like. Later that day I arrived in Yellowknife I was so confused I got out and ask someone what had happened, the nice air ling lady said we had to stop because we ran out of fuel. She said it was because we were on a very old plain that had not flu in 2 years. Now I was scared that I was not going to see the Yukon… after 4 hours in the little Yukon airport that probly only held 20 people max, they told us that we are not taking off till Monday (it was Friday at the time).
After supper I went for a walk to relax after sitting for 8 hours in the same chair, I came across this beautiful lake that sparkled in the sun set, I was still mad at the air plane for doing this but things got better. I sat there for a bit and just thought about my day, and that I missed my dog Stella. But after a bit I got up walk back to my crammed in hotel room and when to bed.
The next day I got up early and walk to the airport and talked to the flight service to see if we were getting back in the air soon, but nothing at least we go on Sunday now, but they have to import another plain from Vancouver. After brunch I went for another long walk but this time it was in a wet green area. There were slugs and frogs everywhere. There was this little tiny baby frog that jumped on my finger, I tried to nicely set him down but he would not get off so I brought him with me. After my walk the frog knew it was time to get off and got off and happily jumped away.
Later that night I went to go talk to the front desk to ask about the TV but the was a pamphlets that said night cruise tonight! The kind lady at the desk said if you want to go then you have to run! I did and made it on the ship just as it was leaving. It was not a fancy ship there were people in shorts and tee shirts (not fancy). It was a nice evening there was music, dancing and lots of food the cruise was only for 3 hours but it was fun. After I went home I went to bed right away, who knew dancing is more work than you think.

It was finally Sunday and now I was kind of sad to go home. I had made a friend (frog) and saw live music and dancing. When I boarded the plane the pilot asked me if I wanted to sit in first class because the was not that many people on the plane I got to sit in first class this was a nice change for me. I got served with good air ling food…never thought there was such thing, pillows and blankets. After we got back in Toronto I thought to myself wow Yellowknife was great and I’m almost kind of glad I didn’t go to Yukon.

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