Five Card Story: a journey

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A journey
Today I feel like going out. No reason just because. When you’re on summer holidays your supposed to be doing something every day. But I feel like I have nothing to do. So I’m going out to see the world. I’m walking down the street and I turn the corner and all you can see on this one wall is graffiti. Not the bad graffiti but the art graffiti. You’d think one of the better looking pictures would be the one that sticks out more. No there was one that looked like it could have been done by a little kid. It was a house with names all around it in all different colors. As I looked at it I saw a name that I recognised. It was my best friend in my class whose house got burnt down. I looked at for a few minutes then I finally left thinking I’m never going back down that street.

Then since I had only been out for half an hour I decided to go to the field behind my house to look at the open sky and try to make pictures out of the clouds. It’s just one of those things that make life full and makes you happy. On the other side of that field there’s this little forest like place. So after I sat in the field I decided to go to the forest to climb the tree I always climb. About ten minutes after I was in the forest it looked like it was going to rain and as soon as I thought that it started to rain. And two minutes later it stopped raining. Then you could see the sun and the blue sky and the gray sky blowing away.

Great, now I’m covered in water. But that’s not the only thing that’s really wet everything was wet. I got down from the tree and went farther in to the forest and I stopped to look around take in all the sights, smells and sounds. All of a sudden I see a butterfly, a monarch. It was so perfect just sitting there on a leaf. It just made my day it was so beautiful. I’d spent so much time in the field and in the forest that it was when I realised that the sun was coming down that I realised I needed to get home. I figured I still had some time left so I would take the long way home. As I walked by all the new and old buildings I watched the sun set. As soon as I got home the sun was down and the sky was pink and orange I turned my back on all of that perfection and walked in the door of my house.

By Mackenzie Beaudry

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