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Blog #1: Voice of the dogs

My name is Einstein; I am a 3 years old. I am light brown with patches of white, I wear a black pair of glasses, and yes, I am a dog. You probably think that this is my owner typing but you are wrong, dead wrong. My human is 83 year old Maggie Freemen; she’s the nicest human in the world but has no idea how to use a computer. She still uses her old type writer to write things. Lucky me her son convinced her to buy a computer or else I wouldn’t be able to type this. Most people think dogs are dumb and live only to obey humans but that’s not true. We dogs are even smarter than humans most of the time. That is why I’m writing this, to tell the world what we dogs think, I am the voice of the Dogs, the real dog whisperer.

Blog #2: Maggie my human

I will tell you about my human who I look after so you get an idea about my life. Maggie is the sweetest human I have ever met, and quite athletic too. (For an 83 year old female) She lives alone apart from me in her tiny house in San Francisco. We have a lovely view of a big huge tower with a clock on it; the clock helps her keep track of time. She loves going out to her cottage with her male son Jeffery’s family and taking them for Kayak trips across the lake. I’m surprised she can still do this in her old age. Kayaking looks like a lot of work. She also loves nature, especially flowers and is always stopping to take pictures of her favorite orange ones on our long walks in the park. I love her sooo much but she’s a lot of work. It seems humans seem to need more care the older they get.

Blog #3: Who’s in charge? Dogs are!

Most of you humans think that it’s you who command us and take care of us, but really it’s us dogs that are in charge. We are the ones that keep you fit by taking you out for your daily run. (Or walk depending on what mood were in) We’re the ones who keep you warm at nights, or warn you of danger and intruders. We are your owners, so what’s with all the baby talk? Sure that’s okay for a 3 month old pup but really, baby talk? Why! These are the times when I question the intelligence of human beings. Oh and the names, don’t get me started on the names! Pumpkin, Squirt, Buddy, Taffy, Lady etc.…. The list goes on and on! Would you name your child Squirt? No! So why name us, your superiors, any different?

Blog #4: What does a dog like/hate?

Since humans can’t communicate with us dogs, I thought I’d blog about what dogs like/hate. Us dogs loooove belly scratches, if you give us one, we will love you forever. We hate being stuffed inside a stuffy cage; it’s so uncomfortable being squashed in that little tiny box. Have you humans ever thought that maybe dogs get claustrophobic too? We love going for walks and runs, it’s our chance to take a break from constantly taking care of our humans. We hate the stuff you call dog food that you serve us. Those round dry pellets are disgusting, same with that slop you sometimes feed us. What we need is real meat, the stuff you humans eat all the time. We love letting you sleep in our beds with us, it keeps us warm and besides, you’d whine all the time if we didn’t let you sleep in our comfy beds. We hate baths, hate, hate, hate them. Didn’t you ever stop to think that maybe we like being dirty? I hope now after this blog that you humans have a better understanding of how to treat you superiors, us dogs.

Blog #5: Cats, friend or enemy?

Cats, dogs worst enemy, or best friend. Normally we dogs hate cats, the feeling is mostly mutual. Cats are sooo annoying, with all there purring and meowing, Uggh it’s enough to give a dog a headache. Not all cats are bad though, I had a cat friend who lived next door, her humans had two little ones and I admit she did a pretty good job looking after them. (For a cat) Though that’s very rare, most cats are lazy and really nosy. They’re really fun to chase though, you can scare them so easily and it’s so much fun to chase them up trees! So to answer the question of whether cats are enemies or friends, the answer would probably be both. Weird how that is eh?

Blog #6: Work in Progress, come back later and maybe I’ll be finished!

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