Five Card Story: The Secret IT

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We moved to China. I have no friends. We don’t know anyone. I don’t travel in trains anymore, or cars. All since IT happened.

Homework is such a drag, especially when your brother is teaching you. I’m homeschooled. I don’t like being homeschooled but I don’t really have any other choices since they might find us. We live on the country side so there’s not much for me to do anyways, so I work on grade twelve maths or paint by the safe side waters. I call it that because it’s where I go, nobody can find me there. My name is Ellie Strullur and I ‘m 16. My real name was Alexis Singer and I’m really 14. We had to change our names and ages, well our lives, because of IT. I live with my Brother, trying to get away from IT. We know IT wasn’t our fault but we can’t help to think that way every once and a while. He’s 23, Calvin Strullur, well actually Benny Singer. He used to go to school but now he works as a teacher for kids online. We survive off of Grandfathers payments every month. He doesn’t know where we are, nobody does. He sends them to my older cousins’ house and she mails off to us. She’s the only one who knows where we are, she’s the only one who knows what really happened, IT.

Today we were supposed to go to Ningyuanzhen to pick up some food. Every Saturday we head into town. I was waiting by the lily pond when I heard a huge truck pulling up into the driveway. No one can see behind the willow trees, but I can see everything. I know what’s happening. Two men come out wearing black. I want to help him, but I know Calvin would want me to be in hiding. They know we know. One of the men pull out a gun, Lord help me.

I waited about seven minutes before heading back to the house. I can see Calvin crying, he’s packing again. He’s planning for them to come back, and they will. He must have heard me walking in.
“We’re leaving tomorrow”, he says without looking up, then walks out.
I sat there for a long time, watching what I was prepared to give away. The sun just came up high enough to shine through the old willow tree. Sparkles of light fall to me face. The colors of day rising around the corner as I paint what my dreams will forever remember. My friends come around as if they know what’s about to happen.
“Hey Skipper!” I say as I look at the brown jackrabbit.
I look unto the horizon, wishing they were another way. Why was I the cause of a War, Why does it have to all happen to me?
“Ellie let’s go”, Calvin calls from the stone path leading to the tire swing on the old Willow.
Breathing in the last breath of China, the last glance of my life, the last memory of Ellie.
“Mom, Dad, Lily. It’s for you, all of it for you. I love you.”
“Are you coming?” He yells at the trees.
Finally I leave. I leave Skipper, the morning sun, and our home. I hop in the front seat of our truck with my backpack sitting on my feet.
“Hey there Melody!”
“Let me guess I’m Melody and you my friend are J.D., short for Jayden Davis.”
“And we are the Youngs!”
I guess this is me, the new me. I’m Melody Young and I’m 15 years old. I grew up in Germany; I immigrated there when I was six. My dad J.D. Young is 35 years old and is a Plumber.
We are moving to Greece. I’ll have no friends. All because of IT

To Be Continued

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