Five Card Story: a dirty pair of socks and a talking frog.

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there was once a fat man. he had money, he had fame, he had a big house and comfy sofas. he even had his own housekeeper who cooked his food and made his bed and washed his dirty socks. but he was sad. and the reason he was sad was because he was lonely. one day his housekeeper looked at his clean 'dirty' socks, and his clean 'dirty' shoes and his clean 'dirty' hat and said to the man, " You are sad and you are lonely and you are fat too. i think you should go and have an adventure and get your socks dirty and go and get a bit huffed and puffed. why don't you go to the botanical gardens?". and so the man did. he went to the botancial gardens, and he went to the gym and after that he went to the zoo. and he sat on a park bench and puffed and huffed and wondered whether his housekeeper was right.his shoes and socks were dirty and he was puffed but his hat was as clean as a whistle still.just then a small voice spoke from a bush near where he sat. it said" to get a dirty hat is hard. the best thing to do would be to take it off, put it on the ground, fill it with daisies and give it to the first lovely being you see". it was a frog, a talking frog no less! it was such an extraordinary yet ordinary suggestion that the man did just what the frog suggested. he took off his hat, knelt on the grass and filled his top hat with little daisies". then in a sort of a daze he walked on, holding his hat before him. he walked past the lions in a dream, he walked past the giraffes in a daze, and then he came to the deer, (or were they gazelles?)and he stopped and gazed into the beautiful eyes of the nearest deer and then he held out his hat. and as the daisies tumbled out onto the ground, and the gazelle delicately nibbled the petals, he felt his whole body dissolve, dematerialise and reappear on other side of the fence, and he was a gazelle as well! He had no shoes and no socks and no hat but he had a friend. and he wasn't lonely.
The housekeeper did not worry that he never returned and assumed he had found a better life, and she lived in the big house and had many parties and a happy life and never washed socks again.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) nessman

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