Five Card Story: The Bakery

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I was staring into the window. I was sure I wanted it. It was everything any kid wanted. A delicious doughnut. I stared at the pile of them, envy of any body who went into the store and got a giant good doughnut. I decided I would get a doughnut today.

I ran into the store and ran to the cashier at lightning speed. I didn't have any money but I just yelled in his face.

''Hey! I want a doughnut now!''

''I'm sorry young man but you don't have any money,'' he explained. ''You came here yesterday.''

''Give me a doughnut!'' I yelled into his face.

He fell backwards and knocked over a tray of chocolate covered biscuits. They toppled over and I grabbed around three of them. I ran out of the store and to my house. I ate all three of the biscuits on my way home.

I got home when at around 3:30 pm. I opened the door to my house and stared at the stone ram's head.

''When did we get that?'' I wondered.

''Where have you been, Patrick?'' mom asked. ''I was so worried.''

''Well, I'm back now.''

''Go get dressed, we are going to your friend's party.'' mom explained.

I went upstairs and wore my blue shirt and brown pants. I threw my red shirt and green shorts into the basket with my other dirty clothes. I ran downstairs and into the car. Mom drove around to weird places.

''Mom, are we lost?''

''No son,'' she explained. ''We are nearly there.''

We made it to see a really strange sight. A man was there with blueberry all over his mouth and strawberry punch all over him. It was strange but I just enjoyed the party.

After about 4 hours or so, I went home with my mom. She was talking about how it was fun to talk with her friends. When we got home, I didn't see the ram head. I ran inside and it was inside and there was a creepy sound coming from the kitchen.

I ran inside with my mom to see the guy at the party. He was pouring milk all over his head. I didn't care so much so we left him and I went up to sleep while my mom got him out of the house.

I wondered who he was, but i fell asleep thinking about it.

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