Five Card Story: Lonlyness

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When Mr. Fisher's class took a "scientific" field trip to the ravine, Jove didn't expect anyone to die. Jove didn't expect that person, the only person that she looked up to (or rather down on, as he was unnaturally short) to perish so fantastically at a school field trip. Jove also wasn't counting on seeing a mysterious message in the sand along the water's edge to lead her class to her best friend's capturer. Turn out, that when they got there, they were just barely two minutes late.
"Im Lonly" was the huge scrawling in the sand before them. Jove and her class had heard of the Mitchellville Ravine's only human inhabitant before, but had dismissed it as an urban legend. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together- that is, "Im Lonly" and a unfathomable, complete, out-of-thin-air, one-moment-here-gone-the-next, disappearance- only an Honors English class of seventh graders at Mitchellville Middle.
It appears that Berkeley met his untimely demise by trying a new yoga position too close to the ravine's precarious edge. The purpose of the field trip was to open the class's senses, and to give their poetry-inflicted minds a chance to clear away from the classroom and actually write for a change. Mr. Fisher was- is- a freelance teacher who, under surveillance, basically allowed his students to do whatever they wanted.

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