Five Card Story: Pumpkin season

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It was pumpkin season! My parents said that if I helped them out, they would help my get my own place. I only need $450, and then I'll have my apartment.
"Morgan, will you load the last pumpkin onto the trailer." My mom asked me.
"Yes mom!" I yelled back.
I grabbed the last couple pumpkins onto the trailer, and we headed to the farmers market. When we arrived, I set up our stand. Half way through the day, we had sold about 13 pumpkins and made around $300. I was so close to having what I wanted, I couldn't believe it. At the end of the day, my dad counted the money. He approached me after he was done.
"Sweetheart I sorry.....but your gonna have to get your own place!" He announced. He handed me a stack of money, $500 to be exact. I couldn't wait, so I raced over to the apartment I was wanting. After I signed all the paper work and paid, I took my key and headed to apartment building b, room number 12.

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