Five Card Story: Responsibility

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I was already running late, so I grabbed my keys as quick as I could and ran out the door. As I got outside, I noticed I had a flat tire. I then remembered that I had an old bike in the backyard that I could use. I immediately sprinted to my bike, threw my car keys in the basket, and peddled to my destination. On the way, I noticed an old beat up house with a small boy sitting on the front step. He waved at me, trying to get me to pull over and talk to him. 'I am already running late, I do not have time to stop' I thought to myself. I quickly biked past the boy without making eye contact. A little further down the road, I noticed a sign with the word 'responsibility' on it. This made me think back to the little boy I had just passed. I then realized that stopping to talk to the little boy would be the responsible decision. I quickly turned around and biked towards the old beat up house. When I got there, I ran up to him and asked if there was something wrong. He responded by saying "I drew this picture with sidewalk chalk, and I wanted somebody to see it... do you like it?" I smiled, and replied "yes, I love it".

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