Five Card Story: The Reckoning

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As I walk through the forest, I stop and look at the canopy. So green, so full of life, so much meaning and purpose behind an inanimate organism. I remember him. His eyes were green, happy, they made him look like life itself.

I remember the accident. The church was packed full of people. His parents and I sat in the front as the service carried on. Speakers came and went, and it was soon time for me to go up and speak. I ascend the steps, breathing heavily as I try my hardest not to crack. I reach the podium. It's time.

"When I first met Adam, he told me that his favorite thing to do was to make people happy." I clear my throat. "Happiness is something to be cherished and nurtured. That's something I didn't know before he died. Our love wasn't accepted by everyone, I know that. However, the way he made my life look so much brighter... I don't know how he was so unhappy." I pause, wiping a few tears from my eyes. His mother was crying into her husband's shoulder, whose breathing was very shallow.

"Sometimes, I blame myself. I sometimes feel like my own unhappiness made his own light fade out. I know this isn't true, though. I loved him with everything that I had. I know he loved everyone in this room. I know he wanted to make everyone happy and be the light in everyone's life. I guess... I guess God just needed one of his angels back."

After the service, we all headed to the graveyard. I held his mom's arm around my own, making sure that she was okay.

"He really loved you, you know that right?" she exhaled.

I nod.

"Justin, don't take this out on yourself. Please. You and his dad... You both mean so much to me. I need you... Stay happy, for him."

As we reached the grave site, I look at my surroundings. It's a very shaded graveyard. There's deciduous trees everywhere. His gravestone was under a tree. It says, "Happiness is the key to life. Don't lose your key."

He said that to me after we started dating. He was my key. He's gone.

Its been a few months after the funeral. As I walk down the rocky coastline of Northern California. I think of him. His green eyes melted into my heart, into my soul. I walk back to my car and crank it. I turn on my GPS.

"Take me home."

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