Five Card Story: A strange day of October

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This Sunday is the first one for a long time that I could wake up late because I hadn´t to work and didn´t do anything except lazing around. It was a sunny day at the end of October full of red leaves in the trees.

I look out the windows expecting the street would be full of people walking but, instead of that, I found the street was empty, only a man was crossing the road.

I went out my house to throw out the rubbish into my dustbin, l looked around me and realized that there were not any children playing.

Where were the people, where were the children?. Maybe Peter Pan kidnaped from their families and took them to Neverland with the Lost boys, maybe their parents are fool looking for them.

I went back to my house and put on some clothes to look for any pleople who could tell me what was happened.

I was running on the streets, looking around with anxiety to find somebody whom I could talk with. I went on running and running until leaving my town, I was losing my mind thinking people had become extinct.

I stopped my run to recover my breath and suddenly I started to hear sounds of children playing behind some trees, I went to them and I saw lot of people playing on the grass. I was a sunny day of October and people were enjoying so beautiful day in the countryside out of the town.

I thought it was logical and maybe I need to rest more. I was really losing my mind.

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