Five Card Story: a lunch time adventure

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It was a chilly day at preschool. the leaves had started to fall from the trees and the ground was covered in red leaves. The children dressed up warmly and did up their zips and buttons and scampered outside to play. they clambered into the big driftwood waka nui.They sailed their boat through the big waves and the red seaweed and Jason called out, 'Hold on tight! there is a big wave coming!' they all got wet but they didn't mind because the fish were biting on their "I've caught a fish" announced Sam. "I've caugt a shark" yelled Nathan. Ngahuia thought for a moment, "I've caught an enormous whale". Dingaling, dingaling, dingaling, the lunch bell suddenly cut through the air. "Harere mai ki te kai tamariki ma" It was their teacher standing in the doorway in her big red coat and smiling at them as she rang the bell. That was when the children noticed a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Hunger struck instantly and they raced each other to the bathroom to wash their hands. Umm the pizza was so tasty with melted cheese oozing between pieces of salami. Ngahuia ate the chewy crust and thought about her whale swimming around a lush green island and calling for her. She could hear the birds singing and she could smell the sweet perfumes from a carpet of flowers nestled between the trees. she watched lots of fuzzy yellow bumble bees busily collecting nectar.And the whale called to her again, 'Ngahuia, ngahuia! come back outside and play with me again!"
Suddenly she felt a tug on her arm. "Ngahuia, Ngahuia, Come and play!" It was Jason and he had his coat on already. She quickly put away her plate, pulled on her big jacket and zipped it up and raced back onto the play ground to find that friendly whale. This time she would ride on his back and not try to catch him with a hook!

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) krutscjo (3) Intrepidteacher (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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