Five Card Story: Preschool adventures

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It was a cool day at preschool so the children needed to wear long sleeves and jumpers when the went outside. On this day the playground had transformed into a huge ocean of blues and greens as the children bobbed up and down in their waka nui. With fishing lines in the water they waited and waited for something to bit. "I'm going to catch a fish" announced Sam. "I'm going to catch a shark" replied Nathan. Ngahuia thought for a moment, "I'm going to catch a enormous whale". Dingaling, dingaling, dingaling, the lunch bell suddenly cut through the air. "Harere mai ki te kai tamariki ma" called their teacher. That was when the children noticed a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Hunger struck instantly and there was a rush to the bathroom to wash their hands. Umm the pizza was so tasty with melted cheese oozing between pieces of salami. As Ngahuia munch on her pizza she stared out of the window and noticed the sun shining brightly in the sky above. Before she knew it she was standing in a lush green forest, birds were singing and she could see a carpet of flowers nestled between the trees. There was a sweet smell in the air and a soft buzzing sound coming from the flowers. As she got closer she could see lots of fuzzy yellow bumble bees busily collecting nectar. One little bee stop and looked up and said "Ngahuia, Ngahuia do you like your pizza?"

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