Five Card Story: Emilia and the fox

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A long time ago there was a girl that really liked pandas and she was 17 years old. Her name was Emilia, and she always liked looking at the moon every night because it made her feel relaxed. Emilia also wears panda clothes every day because she likes pandas too much. One day Emilia went to a trip to a very peaceful place. At that place there were lots of flowers and it was full of nature, it was very beautiful. She thought she had never been in a place that could make her feel that peaceful and she loved it there. She always felt lonely because her parents past away a year ago and she was trying to find ways that would make her forget about that or at least think less on that.

Because of that she decided to stay there by herself. Luckily there was a hut already built in the place so she decided to stay there. Then she had to gather her own food so she went out to find some food. Luckily she found raspberries but the raspberries didn’t look so good. it looked like it had been stepped on by lots of animals. So then she went to the woods to find some more food.

She was only thinking about gathering food when she got there. So she got lost in the forest. It was very cold at night and she was starving but whatever she did she couldn't find food. So she went on to find the raspberries that she left behind. While she was finding it she felt some strange feeling behind her. She thought someone was trying to catch her so she was very scared. Then she looked back and it was a fox a fox that looked like it was going to attack her so she was more scared. She tried making the fox go away but the fox didn’t move. Then the fox made an action that looked like it was telling her to follow him so she did and the fox took her back to her house. So she lived in her house with the fox happily ever after until…

Her fox started to look hungry since there wasn’t lots of food left at the pace Emilia stayed in. so every time Emilia found food she gave it to the fox. She was very hungry but she thought the fox was more important. But she thought it was too hard for her to stay at that place so she just decided to move back to her old house. She really didn’t want to go and leave the fox but she had to. So when she was about to leave the fox dropped a letter at her foot she read the letter and it was a letter that her parents wrote to her before they passed away. Then she found out why he had the letter, why he helped her. Her eyes were full of tears because she felt sad every time she thought about her mom and dad. She was crying for ages and then she decided to go to her parents. So she told the fix to bite her and the fox didn’t want to but he did so she died. She went to heaven and she met her parent and lived happily looking down at the fox and keeping it safe.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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