Five Card Story: Once upon a time...

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Once upon a time there was a man named Harold. Harold had a brother who served in the armed forces. Harold use Skype and other technologies to communicate with his brother (Merrill)and live variously through Merrill's adventures. Merrill often used Skype to take Harold along with him on his adventures. Merrill told Harold of his many travels and provided pictures of the interesting locations. Of the many places Merrill had traveled was Italy. While in Italy Merrill visited a small village and watched a Medieval pageant in which the young women and men of the village dressed in costume of the past and enacted an the defense against invaders. Merrill also traveled to Australia and visited several small towns. Merrill told Harold of the kangaroos which sometimes wandered into town. Out of all of his travel's Merrill shared with Harold, the happiest was when he traveled to their childhood home and the little apartment they lived in above their parents store.

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