Five Card Story: The way I grew up.

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I grew up in Minnesota it had its good points and bad points. It was a very beautiful place to grow up. It was also very cold at times. My parents liked to take family vacations to a lake and we would stay in a cabin it was always warm and very peaceful on the lake. I love to be outdoors on a warm day feeling the wind blow and the smell of a freshly mown yard. I grew up in small town USA and it taught me a lot about what is important in life as well as who is important in life. I can remember going to my Aunts farm on a summer day and it would be humid outside and warm but you could hear her laughing in the beauty shop next to the garage. I would go out to the barn and try to find my Uncle working on a tractor or another piece of equipment the smell of diesel fuel and oil takes me back to those old days. Remembering my uncle and Aunt. As I grew up we moved to Pennsylvania then off to California I went from living in a town of 2000 people to going to a school with more people in it than I had in the town I grew up in. As I grew up there was no more watching the snow fall and watching the leaves change color. It was more what I listened to and Surfing to fill my days. I am very thankful for my upbringing and how I grew up. I would love to have more time with family but that is not how I grew up. In conclusion I love my life and all that has happened to me. I would not change where I lived for anything. I grew up in the small town and lived in the big city. People dream of that and I lived it.

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