Five Card Story: Tough Recruit

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Mike Hurst
English 092
The Recruit
I was a thick headed poor and parent-less youth living day by day in a grungy maroon ceiling-less dumpster that I call a home. It is located in a bad part of down town ghetto were every building is covered with spray painted none-sense and boards over windows and every nook and cranny has a person trying to sleep. So went to the police station and asked how can I become a cop and they just laughed in my face. So I started researching and there it was a little ad at the bottom of the wrinkled up week old classifieds. Recruits wanted instant sign on bonus today! So I ran as fast as I could to the Navy Recruiters office. As I walked in a heavy set guy swung his chair around puffin a cigar said “what can I do for you?” I want to join the Navy Sir. Then he pulls out what looked like a phone book size stack of paper and slid them to me and said “dot your eyes and cross your t's. So what felt like an eternity filling out papers took about an hour and I was done. The next day I was looking out the tiny plane window watching the run way get smaller and smaller. Few hours passed and there I was getting off the plane a boy and getting on a bus to become a Navy man. Boot camp seemed to go so slow and most of the days I would just look out to the oceans shore and wish I could just be walking on them instead of the constant yelling and screaming of the drill instructors.

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