Five Card Story: A Woman's Journey

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This story is about a woman. This particular woman was at a turning point in her life because she had decided to quit smoking. All her life she had relied on cigarettes to make her worries disappear. After a recent scare from her last trip to the doctor, she knew she had to make a choice. During her walk home from the doctor's office, she took the last cigarette packet she had from her purse, crumpled it, and threw it to the ground.
Now this woman had an unusual friend. She wasn't married, nor did she have children, but she wasn't alone. She had a pet alpaca named Sue. The woman, who I will now call Peg, treated Sue like the child she never had. Peg knew that she had to turn her life around for Sue. Peg started by making more healthy choices like taking Sue on walks through the rolling hills a little ways from their home.
Peg met her first real challenge during a business trip to Las Vegas. It had been 2 weeks since she quit smoking, and up until then she had been successful. She noticed a no smoking sign just as she entered one of her meetings at the Venetian hotel. This sign triggered in her the desire to smoke. You may wonder why, considering no one in the room would be smoking, however the sudden reminder that smoking was forbidden caused her to crave a cigarette!
At that moment, Peg thought of her happy place. A chilly fall day. The kind of day where a sweater keeps you warm and the newly fallen leaves are ready to be crunched from your steps. Peg imagined walking with Sue, breathing in the crisp air as they walked along the neighbourhood. When Peg stepped out of her happy place, the urge to smoke had disappeared. Peg had found her knew stress reliever.
Peg felt so overjoyed by this discovery. She truly believed in herself at this moment and knew she could continue with her journey to a new healthy lifestyle. She felt like she did as a child, when they would play with the colourful parachute in Phys. Ed. class. She remembered not having a care in the world as a child, and at this moment, nothing else seemed to matter but her and her alpaca, Sue.

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