Five Card Story: The Mysterious Disappearance of Louis and Luis

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My twin uncles, Louis and Luis, were inseparable. You could not see one without seeing the other. Everything they did were shared; everywhere they went was known. Recently, they bought a tiny blue Smart Car for the two of them as it was only meant for two. Life seemed perfect at the time. Days later however, my family passed by their apartment only to see a single chair off the street, the car still there. We found it odd as it was distinctly the only ornate detail that they owned and was perfectly positioned straight across from their car. A faded business card was attached to the windshield. "Vanished Woods Farm." We had nothing better to do, so we followed the address to an old farm, in the middle of nowhere. Oddly, the place seemed so serene, yet gave off a mysterious vibe. Parked outside the split-wood fence, we approached the farm house slowly. No one seemed to be around, no sounds, no movements, not even a breeze. Knocking on the door, we did not hear a sound and cautiously opened it. In front of us were two cats eating and drinking. Oddly enough, one was slightly orange and the other slightly green, the two shades my uncle Louis and Luis always wore. We did not think too much about it and explored the farm's surroundings. To this day, we have not seen or heard from Louis or Luis.

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flickr photo credits: (1) nessman (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) jentropy (5) keepps

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