Five Card Story: What Does a Golem Think?

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The stone lion wanted to yawn. He wanted to stretch and open his mighty jaws, unleashing a long built-up call of boredom in his serenity. He wanted all in his domain to hear his begging for something, anything, to happen.
The stone lion could tolerate protection. He felt no ethical dilemma about defending his master’s home from unfortunate adventurers. But the immense boredom- that was a problem.

Alas, he could not stretch. He could not yawn. He could not even blink unless his master allowed it. Such was the sacrifice of the golem’s life; to protect its mage at all times. Truthfully, he could not even consider his domain as truly his, as golems were property. Other golems argued over such things. The rabbits two plots over frequently argued over it. Some of them wanted to a right to trade, and others just kept using the word “union” over and over again.

The lion thought they were troublesome, those rabbits. They spent too much time dancing whenever the master allowed them to move. There were times he considered smashing them on the occasional day when he was allowed to stretch.

The lion knew nothing of unions or trade. A union sounded like something his master did to two pieces of meat before she fed him every third Tuesday.

The lion felt another yawn building in his rocky chest. His thoughts of the rabbits were chased away by his boredom.

I’d rather look for butterflies, the golem thought to himself. Or anything, really.

His master was a powerful mage, as any golemancer worth his salt needed to be, but she could not stop the stone lion from thinking. She could not stop him from reading, either, but such habits bothered the lion. It was not that he could not read; only that there were so few things to read from his perch in the garden, and his eyes were perpetually frozen, gazing in the same direction.

What is that word? This was a frequent question that crossed the lion’s mind. Resting directly across from the lion’s perch was a statue of a man riding a horse. The statue was that of a soldier, complete with a massive sword and stone armor; armor that was seamlessly connected to the man’s rock-hard skin. The horse stood atop a huge pillar of brick and mortar.

The lion had never seen this statue move. All he knew was that a plaque bearing a single word had been bolted to the base of the pillar.

For close to a decade, the lion had tried to read the plaque. He could make out two A’s and an M, but the rest eluded him.

The stone lion’s thoughts were interrupted by a familiar sound. A small explosion sent a barrage of dirt in his direction. The lion sighed internally as he was pelted by filth for several seconds.

He recognized that sound. The master had company; likely another band of fools who wished to see her belongings become their…what was the word? Loot?

A tingling sensation erupted up the lion’s stone legs. Bits of gravel and dirt shook free from his shoulders. His master needed him, it seemed.

The mighty yawn that had built in his chest exploded from his jaws, quickly changing into a tremendous roar. He leapt from his perch, the raw power of his magical existence propelling him forward. He landed, sending dirt and rocks soaring away from him.

The lion shook the remaining filth from his rocky mane. His master would want him looking powerful and strong, not old and dirty.

Before he could move again, a high-pitched whining sound echoed in the air, and he felt something land next to him. The lion looked up to see a giant stone horse, its rider drawing his massive stone sword.

The stone lion smiled, revealing rows of giant stone fangs. His rocky claws extended, pulling at the ground beneath him.

The butterflies can wait, he thought to himself.
Perhaps the lion would not be so bored after all.

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