Five Card Story: The Mystery

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It was a busy day at the Cornwall mall. There were protesters drawing in crowds.

There was a cute little boy named Johnny. His mom was drawn in by the protesters and Johnny was not interested. Johnny saw a huge teddy bear in the store window and wanted to feel how soft and furry it was. He left his moms side without her knowing.

His mom glances to her side and Johnny is gone! "Where could he be?!" she thinks frantically. She searches the mall from head to toe and than begins to do the same on the streets of Regina. Johnny is nowhere to be found.

Johnny's mother starts to recollect her surroundings as she thinks about the 30 seconds that she was preoccupied by the protester. She remembers seeing a women standing not far from her with a weird grin on her face. She thinks she may be the one who swiped poor Johnny. She calls the cops in to investigate.

The police trace the women's phone and it leads the cops to a big hill. This hill was very steep and took a long time to climb. When the cops and
Johnny's mother finally reach the top they are exhausted. Johnny's mother looks off in the distance and there she sees her little Johnny. He is perfectly fine and having a tea party with the big teddy bear he spotted in the store window and the women that the mother remembered seeing. The cops and the mother join in on the tea party and they spend the rest of the afternoon on the hill.

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