Five Card Story: lonely

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One day ,when I was a young boy, I was walking in new York city. I am originally from Tennessee, but me and my mother were split up. In the city we have the urban areas then we have suburbs. Well one day I decided to walk around the city. It was a bright sunny day in 1967. I love walking through town seeing the great skyscrapers. Everyday i'd walk around to find a new place to sleep. When id find a place to sleep, i'd lay down and look at the stars wondering where my parents were. The next morning I'd get up and start walking. I'd have to be careful so the police wouldn't get me or slave hunters. Oh yeah I forgot to mention why me and my mother split up. Well it was a couple years ago when my mother was auctioned off and my father was killed by a white man. After they took my mom away from the plantation, I'd decided to run away that night. Knowing the risks that came with it. I found a train track and waited hours for the next one to come through. When it finally came i hitched a ride. I fell asleep on the train, I dreamed about my mother and I. When all of a sudden in my dream my mom said wake up boy, wake up! When I opened my eyes a white man was standing over me with a whip in his hand. He said," your kind isn't welcome here". I got up and ran as fast as my legs could go. As I looked back I saw the man laughing and muttering things. So ever since then I learned my way around this great big city. Some days are easy and some days are hard to get food. I sometimes steel but I've kept a list of all the stores I will pay back when I get the money. But after a couple months I saved up some pennies that I found on the streets. I never really seen the front of the store because id always sneak in through the back. When I walked up to the front of the store I saw a flag, but it wasnt the normal flag that you see now. It was made up of an x shape made out of stars and the colors of red and blue. But I went up to the counter and put the money on the counter and explained to the white man what I was paying him for. Then I raised but my list and checked his store name of the list. I was hearing laughter from the man in the background. When I looked up he was holding a gun. He fired one shot and I dropped the list. Now I'm in heaven.

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