Five Card Story: Time is painful but worth it.

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Night came as if I've never seen it before. 27 days have passed since I've seen her. Time is so slow when in pain. You feel numb. WHy bother trying? crosses your mind from time to time. Momma was gone and I had nobody. If it wasn't for momma I wouldn't probably here today. I ran without even know what was ahead of me. I kept on walking, despite all that. I never knew how much a wide open rode could give me so much happiness. At last I reached civilization but of course no one was there to see me, or even miss me. My momma once told me "Luna baby, if you can't find something to live for, you better find something to die for, life is hard baby, but I know you will be okay." Those are the last things my momma told me. That's the reason I ran. That's the reason I keep going. No matter how much life wants me on my knees, I will stand up by myself because if my momma could do it, then I can too. This wasn't where I need to be. I will keep going and find my dream. Time was going surprisingly fast. When momma left, Should I have left with her? God I was thinking about it myself. But then I thought, there's a reason she left me behind. It's time to keep going. Not to stand there as if life was going to hand me everything I needed. Every step I take, will lead me to a better and great end. "Shoes are one of the most important things that a girl needs to have, because good shoes take you to good places." My momma is watching and I will make her proud. Time is slow and painful but little by little, step by step, my momma knows and I know as well, I'll be smiling at the end. Don't worry momma, I'll be okay, and soon we'll be together. Promise. It's fall and I gotta get going. Where will my shoes "momma" take me to next?

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