Five Card Story: Runaway Wedding

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a Five Card Flickr story by Maya Renko created May 04 2016, 10:27:43 pm. Create a new one!

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Finally. Today was the day. The day that would change his life forever. He was getting married to the girl of his dreams. Jason couldn't be happier except one thing kept worrying him, and rightfully so. He had robbed a bank with a couple of his buddies early that week. He was almost sure he would get away with it, but he couldn't help but worry a little bit what might happen if the police find out it was him. His soon to be wife Bella had no clue what he had done. He said he had gotten the money from a dying family member. As the wedding was taking place in a small church in town, police were plotting to arrest him after finally realizing it was him. After they got married the couple walked outside to get their car and drive off to a hotel they had rented earlier that week. After Jason saw the numerous cop cars surrounding the church and near his truck he convinced Bella to run to his truck with her and they sped off. They escaped the police and drove to the middle of nowhere, miles from anything. Jason explained to her what he had done and at first she was furious. "Not all the money in the world could help us now!" she said. He then explained why he had done it. "I just wanted to be able to pay for your surgery," he said. She was then just scared and frustrated, though she thought it was sweet. She took the nearest rock she could find and hit him in the head with it. She then took all the money that was in his truck and drove off, leaving him in the middle of nowhere. As she drove off she yelled "Cancer won't be what kills us!"

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