Five Card Story: Mr kitty's father rises

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a ds106 story by Will created Oct 31 2016, 01:33:45 am. Create a new one!

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The thing that destroyed mr kitty was actually Phil the pug who was now known as the hero of earth. But when Phil was looking through mr kitty's house he found a picture of Ben Stiller with a caption underneath which said I love you daddy. The next thing Phil found was a blueprint to take over the world signed by Ben stiller. A day later shirts were sold in shop which read join the resistance. Everyone was confused by these t shirts but a day later it was announced on the news that Ben stiller had come with a campaign to destroy Phil the pug and the world. A day later in Phil's home he heard a knock on his door at 8 am. Phil was confused,he thought who would want to see him at this time. It was Ben stiller who came to murder and Phil and he succeeded. Phil's close friend mark the drawing had promise he would make an army to destroy Ben stiller.

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flickr photo credits: (1) dradoye (2) mirandamelliott (3) boscoe6393 (4) RRuchid (5) studebakerhawk_14611

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