Five Card Story: The revenge for the city

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a Five Card Flickr story by Lane Dunn created Sep 12 2017, 12:16:55 pm. Create a new one!

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In 2021, the president of the United States was kidnapped. I found out about it while I was on a bike ride with my friend. We drove past a tv shop and saw that he was taken by his very own government. I don't understand why, but they want something from him. My theory is that they aren't the government that we have ever thought of. They are people who have planned every attack that has been involved in this country. My house has been robbed and the guys who broke in are staying there. So we gathered our clothes and some food and ran to the woods. We have stayed there for five years and have been very isolated from the real world. We once heard a loud scream one day, so me and my dad brought our guns, and ran out there to check it out. It was a group of secret service men for the president. They were dead. So, we kept going out and we reached the city. It was completely different now, all of the people we knew as citizens were treated like slaves. The whole city became an empire for this so called government. I thought they were supposed to keep us safe, not the opposite. Me and my dad hid until one day, he was missing! So I realized enough is enough. I climbed up a tower that used to be Capital Hill. And I killed five guards in the room. I told the leader of the "government" that he has to stop this and surrender, or else. I started threatening him and told him my opinion on what they need to stop doing and what I will be doing. Apparently, he liked the ideas and showed me to the president. My dad was in that same room with the president. They were both covered in bruises. The leader apologized and surrendered, I had him arrested with his army. The city was back to the way it was years ago. And I became president after I told the actual president my ideas. My family and I was safe again, and so was the city.

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