Five Card Story: Walking down the memory lane

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Once in a blue moon my daughter would ask me if we could visit my old hometown, Roseburg. None of my family members lived there anymore, so there was never a need to visit. However, that Sunday afternoon we had nothing to do, so we decided to give it a try.

As we entered the town, I felt a warm tingling in my heart. The streets were a bit crowded but the feeling of the old town was still the same. It was quiet- and it felt a bit comforting to me. I saw the old houses I always passed when I rode my bike to school and the old grocery store where my mom would take us to shop. I told my wife and daughter to take a little visit to the store. As I entered, someone exclaimed, "Dave! What are you doing here?" and I turned and it was Donna! Donna was the first friend in elementary school who befriended me. She was ecstatic so see me and so was I. We hadn't met for 30 over years! I was glad that I stopped to visit. When we were about to leave, Donna gave me a vase with yellow daffodils and told my daughter that I used to pick daffodils in her backyard to give to my mother.

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