Five Card Story: Becoming a Coach in the Idaho Coaching Network

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Being asked to join the Idaho Coaching Network as a Coach is like diving off a cliff into the unknown. It is a grand adventure! You are tethered at the top by a strong coaching team who will not let you fall, but the reality is it's still scary and you're diving into the unknown.

On top of all of this, you have so many people counting on you and observing you...your teachers, your coaching friends, administrators and guests. This is invigorating, encouraging and challenging. Each day you strive to do your best and you grow as an educator, a Coach, and a human!

On a daily basis, you get an on the ground view. You take the road less traveled by, and you are intent on your destination. You can see the forest through the trees because you are always looking forward and striving to reach your goals.

You also have the advantage of seeing (and helping your teachers see) the 10,000 foot view. This allows you to focus on the larger goals of the network and on making a difference in education in general. You know your work impacts the lives of so many administrators, educators, and students! You see ultimate goals and help teachers grow in unbelievable and sometimes unexpected ways.

And as you get further along, you feel comfortable in the journey, and look forward to the future and wherever the road might take you.

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