Five Card Story: Victory Day

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My pictures depict the days or weeks after the 3rd world war in a very untouched America. As you look closely at the pictures you don't see much of people. The people of the United States of America did not approve of the war at all. Many were forced into battle and lost their loved ones and close friends to death.
In the middle picture you see a single man walking down the street as the sun sets on the day. There are no cheering crowds or anyone to keep him company. His name is John. He was drafted into the war at the age of 19. When his parents found out about him being drafted they told him to run due to their not so pleasant approval of the war. He did not run and in fact went to fight in the war across seas. when he got home he had nobody. Everyone hated him for it and turned a cold shoulder. In the second picture you see an old ranch style driveway. That is where he is returning to from the war.
The very last picture depicts what looks to be a super hero mask. A little boy used to own that mask. He used to think that soldiers were heroes. but once the war started, he was taught to not think of them like that and he then left it due to his disapproval of the war.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) shauser (5) bionicteaching

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