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I climbed into my moms old raggidy car ready to go to school. We didn't have much money but we made it work. We passed the pretentious private school i used go to, all the students laughed at me as i drove by. I went to that school before my dad left us. Everyone knows the story, and for some reason they think that it is funny. We pull up to my school, its fine i guess. It has vines growing up the walls and blood, dirt, and sweat on the floors. People get into a lot of fights. The only way to survive is to lay low. I don't have any friends but that's okay it makes life a little easier not having to deal with drama. I walk into class and sit at my desk. My ponderous teacher stumbles into the class room. "good morning class" she says. The students yell and throw paper balls at her. They are obnoxious. "good morning Mrs. Green" I whisper to myself. Everyone's heads turned to look at me. I guess they heard.
Mrs. Green is my math teacher the perfect teacher to go with the most tedious subject. I pull out my notebook. I never pay attention in this class, I just doodle. It's calming. I can just write what's on my mind. The bell rings i know that math was momentous but i dont care.

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