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For the third time today I fixed the chain on my bike. Hopefully it won't fall of again when I ride to my friend's house. I rode down the streets flashing a smile and a wave to the people I soared by. I arrive at the red/purple house and park my bike outside. I knock on the door but my friend doesn't answer, their mother does. She tells me that they are down at the lake playing on the ice. I thank her and get back on my bike. I go down the street until we get to the more scenic side of the city. The side with the trees and lakes and nature. I see Larry down the path on the ice like his mother said. I park my bike on the ground and walk over to him we say hi and play on the ice for what seems like hours. When were leaving I give him a ride on the bars of my bike. We pass by the shops when we see a squirrel. We watch him scatter around the ground. It was strange he was out. It was almost time for winter and we never really saw squirrels much. When we stared too long the squirrel ran off. I took Larry back to his house and rode back to mine.

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