Five Card Story: The Haunted fair

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It was one Friday evening. Katie and me decided to go to the fair that just came to town. As we drove down to the fair we saw a bus of children heading the same way as we were. "That is a little creepy don't you think Katie." i asked her "Why do you think they are going to the fair at this time?" she replied back with a simple I really don't know. Once we got to the fair the sun was gone and there was barelly anybody there other than the people working. KAtie wanted to go play some games so as we went over to the games station. We saw the kids that drove past us on the freeway. "katie the kids in that weird white van." i was nervous because this whole place looked really creepy in the dark. "What are you so scared of they are just kids." she snapped " i'm sorry but they don't seem to be really kid like they look a little dead if you ask me and same goes for the people working here." I snapped back. Katie and I started to argue about the fair until we heard violent screaming. we were frozen in fear we couldn't move, we looked around until we finally saw the little kids scream and running around with blood all over there faces.

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